The San Juan Unified School District has had a proud tradition of powerful instructional programs that support success for students throughout the grades. Teachers, administrators, and classified employees are highly skilled and dedicated to the belief that all students can and will learn in our classrooms. Current leaders have built on that solid foundation and further strengthened teaching and learning through focused strategies guided by the Strategic Plan.

My Goals as a Board Member

  • Provide the safest and most appropriate instructional programs during the COVID pandemic

  • Ensure that decisions are made to protect student learning and social-emotional needs while maintaining fiscal solvency during the post-COVID financial times

  • Provide strong academic programs with supports and interventions so that there are equitable outcomes and success for every student

  • Continue to increase pathways for Career Technical Education

  • Prepare each of our students for college, career, and being a responsible citizen

  • Support equity and diversity professional development for all staff

  • Ensure equity and safety for every student, ensuring that institutional racism is addressed

  • Provide bullying prevention and restorative justice programs with training for staff and students

  • Support our special education students with the programs and staff they need to succeed

  • Ensure that the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) programs for social-emotional-psychological-academic supports remain funded even in difficult financial times

  • Be an active listener for all stakeholders—parents, students, teachers, administrators, classified employees and community

  • Support our Early Childhood Education programs so the preschool programs provide a seamless transition to kindergarten

  • Continue afterschool and sports programs that enrich, extend, and support students of all ages

  • Ensure that the arts are supported even in difficult financial times

  • Maintain and strengthen our relationships with our labor groups

  • Continue to spend bond dollars prudently to repair, re-build, and replace our schools

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